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Welcome to Om Sri Shai Enterprises, Your Express Delivery Partner...

About Us

Om Sri Shai services  has designed and implemented a quality management system that demonstrates its ability to consistently provide enhanced services. As a solution provider Om Sri Shai Services. Only the best and qualified people are recruited by Om Sri Shai services  to provide its clients with customized services.

Innovation drives the daily work at Om Sri Shai Services . It dictates everything unique  does to ultimately serve customers with efficiency and care. Whether by devising better ways to communicate with customers or faster ways to track their shipments, innovation leads the process. This innovation originally stems from listening to customers and addressing their needs. Small ideas and big ideas coming from all levels of the company continuously feed and are fed by this creative atmosphere. Pex is an environment where creativity is celebrated and rewarded.

Unique  contributes to the progress of the communities in which it operates through supporting the same qualities it nurtures in its internal environment. It encourages and rewards innovation and achievement in the community through support for sports, education, entrepreneurship and literacy.



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